How are you different from other millwork shops?

Tom Moore, the owner and operator of Sterling Millworks, has over 40 years of historical renovation expertise. He has successfully worked with historical societies and commissions throughout the United States and Washingon DC, and can help you to navigate the stringent regulations involved in restoring older properties.

Do you sell to homeowners?

Yes! We specialize in high-quality products that homeowners desire but simply won't find in big-box stores, including unfinished hardwood flooring, wood siding and custom wood molding and trim. You can order most any species of wood and in large or small quantities.

What’s your return policy?

Stock items may be returned in their original condition within 30 days, minus a restock fee. Custom made items are paid for in advance of the work and are not returnable.

Is delivery or shipping available?

Depending on the item ordered, we can arrange for delivery or drop shipment. Please call for details.

What lengths of flooring do you manufacture?

We can manufacture flooring in widths up to 9" and lengths of 8' to 16'. However, these dimensions vary based upon the species of wood you choose and the availability of raw materials at the time of your order.

Can you do small runs?

At Sterling Millworks, we aim to please. Short or long runs, no job is too small.

Do you offer unpainted finger joint moldings?

No. Finger joint products are made from the lowest grade lumber with scraps as short as 3 inches long glued together. Over time, these short and mix-graded pieces move at uneven rates, causing the glue joints to show through the paint job. For a better quality option, we recommend and mill solid Yellow Poplar moldings for painted fine molding applications. It is economical, it machines well, and it takes paint extremely well. We have a huge selection of profiles, and we can grind any custom profile you may wish. You can save money without sacrificing quality of your finished project.

What’s the best wood for exterior projects?

You may be surprised to learn that pressure treated (PT) wood is NOT the only product available for exterior applications. Not only does PT wood shrink, check, and crack badly, but it is difficult to paint or stain, it’s soft, and it’s toxic to the environment and people! An alternative hardwood we have used for years is Red Grandis. It’s plantation grown, so it’s sustainable. It is easy to mill, has a pleasing color, is very stable, and is also very decay resistant. The cost of Red Grandis is a little more than cedar but about 1/2 the cost of mahogany.

Do you manufacture Live Edge wood slabs?

“Live edge” or “natural edge” is a style of furniture where the designer or craftsman incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Live edge slabs are created by horizontally sawing very large, heavy tree trunks or limbs which are then kiln-dried for stability—tasks best handled by a full-service saw mill. While we don’t manufacture live edge slabs at Sterling, you’re in luck! Our good friends at Mighty Oak Saw Mill carry dozens of live edge slabs right down the road from us. Their live edge slabs are vacuum kiln dried which means you get THE HIGHEST QUALITY live edge slab pieces available. Once you pick a slab, Sterling can help finish it to your specs. For information, call Sterling Millworks at (301) 672-5755 or Mighty Oak at (240) 375-6017.

How can I get an estimate for my project?

Please consider a visit to our shop, or you can send a list of the items needed, and we will be more than happy to price them for you. We own our facility and keep our overhead low so you may be surprised at our pricing. You can fax your list to 301-579-9699, or use our Contact Form.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover